Stellar in colour

25 July 2019

Stellar, the groundbreaking new aluminium window and door system from Epwin Window Systems, has rapidly become the most talked-about aluminium system for years. The brand new system has been designed from the ground up and offers powerful benefits to homeowners, fabricators and installers alike. And what is true of the system as a whole is also true of the colour offering.

Stellar is available in a range of gloss levels, giving customers an outstanding choice. In addition to stocked colours, customers can choose any RAL colour or dual colour combination. Stellar colour uses a polyester powder coat that has been certified to the Qualicoat coastal standard, which surpasses European requirements and delivers powerful durability. And the coating process uses a chrome-free pre-treatment, which means it is already compliant with new regulations that come into effect in 2021 and makes it more environmentally friendly.

Stellar’s standard colours are Signal White (RAL9003), Anthracite Grey (RAL7016) and the dual colour Anthracite Grey / Signal White (RAL7016 / RAL9003), all in a flat matt finish.

Non-standard colours are Cream (RAL9001), Agate Grey (RAL7038), Slate Grey (RAL7015), Chocolate Brown (RAL8017), Jet Black (RAL9005), available in a flat matt finish, and Anthracite Grey (RAL7016) in a textured finish.

Stellar’s colour offering is part of an exceptional package of benefits that add real value to fabricators and installers’ portfolios. For example, Stellar’s fully flush casement window has no stepped frame inside or out, making it a first for the aluminium sector. The standard flush casement window has at least 30% slimmer sightlines than competitor windows and delivers a glass area that’s around 12% larger.

Stellar was purposely designed to set a new standard in aluminium window and door design for the 21st century. In every aspect, including colour, it has delivered. Discover star quality with Stellar Aluminium Systems.