Manufacturing Excellence

Epwin Window Systems, home of Stellar aluminium window and door system, is a proudly British manufacturer with a track record stretching back over 40 years. We believe in continuous investment in our production facilities and our quality management systems.

You see this commitment in action in our Stellar manufacturing facility. Capable of producing 4.7 million metres of Stellar products a year, it’s a multi-million-pound facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology for cutting-edge aluminium manufacture.
Every aspect of the facility has been purposely designed to achieve the highest levels of manufacturing efficiency and superior process flow.

Every element has been planned to deliver outstanding quality. And production is automatically monitored to ensure these standards are maintained throughout all manufacturing stages. But that’s just the start.

Industry-leading powder coating quality

Our QUALICOAT-approved powder coating plant uses a chrome-free pre-treatment system, which reinforces our commitment to the environment as well as keeping us ahead of legislative changes.

There are short cycle times from pre-treatment to powder booth to reduce the risk of contamination and handling damage. We use state-of-the-art powder coating processes throughout which includes a fully automatic quick change powder booth with advanced product detection and automatic gun for superior quality. And our product recipe input delivers consistent and repeatable coating quality for a high-quality finish.

Quality at every stage

When you have raised the bar in aluminium system design, you have to make sure your production facilities reach the same standard. With Stellar, they do.

An industry-first production setup

Stellar’s manufacturing facilities are custom-designed to exacting standards. It provides a fully-integrated manufacturing platform dedicated to the complete control and management of all production facilities on one site. This helps deliver exceptional productivity, superior quality and high value-added manufacturing.

Stellar is manufactured on the industry’s first fully automated thermal break, gasket insertion and packaging line. The line delivers all three functions seamlessly and efficiently to deliver reliable quality and rapid turnaround times.

It also delivers benefits further down the line. Because we specify high quality packaging for every Stellar element, fabricators can be sure that the profile will arrive in excellent condition. And because Stellar is gasketed in our factory, it saves fabricators up to 20% on fabrication time.

We are also committed to holding high volumes of finished stock. With specially designed storage facilities as part of our new 300,000 sqft warehouse and distribution centre, we are committed to meeting customers’ demands whilst maintaining high-quality products at all times.