High praise for Stellar

6 January 2021

Stellar, the triple award-winning aluminium window and door system from Epwin Window Systems continues to prove a hit with installers due to its fast-fit properties. The ease of installation is down to its unique pre-gasketed, knock-in beads that make fitting rapid and provides a high-level finish.

The benefits of quick-fitting Stellar were reiterated by installer R Bell Construction who recently completed their first Stellar installation at a large domestic property in Surrey. Owner, Roy Bell said: “We’ve installed aluminium windows and doors for many years but Stellar is the first aluminium system we have fitted with knock-in beads. The products were so easy to fit and the level of finish was excellent.”

He adds: “On other aluminium windows and doors, fitting the gasket and seal can be both cumbersome and fiddly to get an effective, tight seal. But with Stellar the knock-in pre-gasketed beads make the job quick, easy and accurate. It eliminates gaskets getting overstretched too, which can often happen on other products. After fitting Stellar, it’s fair to say I won’t be fitting anything else.”

R Bell Construction purchased their Stellar windows and bifold doors through The Window Store in Swansea. The Window Store is a national trade counter network which offers an extensive range of window and door products direct to the trade and public. Richard Payne, Regional Manager at The Window Store, said: “We are delighted to have received another positive review on Stellar. Our customers appreciate how quick and easy Stellar is to fit, and it offers a unique proposition for installing aluminium windows and doors.”

The flush aesthetics and slimline design of Stellar make for an easy sell into the consumer, something that Roy echoed having gained a further two jobs in the pipeline too. He said: “We have two more Stellar projects that we are confident in securing and look forward to fitting the product again.”

The retail aluminium sector is resurgent and in Stellar, installers can give themselves a competitive edge due to its easy sell, fast fitting properties. It’s something more and more installers are realising.