Epwin Window Systems launches new Warehouse Management System to further enhance customer service

20 July 2022

Epwin Window Systems has announced the introduction of its new Warehouse Management System (WMS) which went live at the beginning of July. Ray McGrady, Commercial Director at Epwin Window Systems, says the new system will deliver numerous benefits for customers. He commented: “Everything about our WMS has been aimed at making customers’ lives easier. The first difference they’ll notice is improvement in delivery paperwork, which will make booking in deliveries much quicker and more straightforward.”

The WMS means every customer delivery will include an exacting delivery manifest for each stillage delivery. It will identify which products are on each stillage, which will make handling multi-stillage deliveries much easier. There will be a reverse pick list for each stillage, so the first product on the list will be on the top of the stillage and the last one on the bottom, making booking in quicker.

The WMS has also enabled live dashboards to be implemented across customer services and order processing departments. These give live visibility of all orders, production and delivery schedules for greater transparency and instant customer updates.

Ray commented: “Our WMS harnesses the power of intelligent technology to streamline operations and improve productivity and visibility for us and our customers. Feedback so far has been extremely positive and we know it’s only the start of the benefits it brings.”

Implementation of the WMS took place over a number of weeks at the end of June and beginning of July and was carefully planned and communicated to minimise disruption to customer schedules.

Epwin Window Systems is renowned for its commitment to continuous investment in its business and the WMS is the latest example of this. Further investments are already planned for later this year, including an automated vehicle delivery communication system that will enable ‘live’ tracking and a 30-minute pre-delivery text message to be sent direct to the customer for a streamlined process.

Ray concluded: “We continually strive to improve our levels of service and support because we know it adds value to our customers’ businesses.”