Wow your windows with aluminium

15 November 2019

If designer style and strong aesthetics are important to you, you’re probably looking at aluminium windows for your home. You aren’t alone. More and more homeowners are turning to aluminium windows because they offer the understated style they’re looking for.


Metal windows have been fitted in our homes since the 1930s and their aesthetics have always been a strong selling point. But aluminium fell out of fashion when UPVC came along in the 1980s. UPVC didn’t have the same elegant, understated aesthetics as aluminium. On the other hand, at the time, UPVC windows were more energy efficient so kept homes warmer. The only place that aluminium windows stayed in fashion was in commercial, architect-designed buildings. Architects have never tired of the better aesthetics that aluminium offers.


Fast forward to today and aluminium is seeing a resurgence because it now offers the best of both worlds. It offers similar levels of energy efficiency as UPVC. And its superior aesthetics have never been in doubt. But if you want to make the most of what today’s aluminium windows have to offer, you have to choose them carefully…


Taking aluminium windows to the next level

Despite their timeless appearance, most aluminium systems are older than you might think. Technological developments and engineering advances have been added but the fundamentals haven’t changed.

With a new generation of design-led homeowners like you turning to aluminium, we didn’t think this was fair. It’s why we developed the Stellar Aluminium window system. We designed it from the ground up to harness all the latest developments – and add more of our own.


The sleek aluminium windows of today

It’s got the sleek good looks you’d expect. These are taken to the next level in the Fully Flush Casement Window option. Until now, all aluminium systems have had a flush exterior and the interior has always had a step. Stellar’s Fully Flush Casement Window is flush inside and out. It takes aluminium’s streamlined aesthetics to the next level. It increases light levels too – a Stellar Fully Flush Casement Window has 12% more glass area than a comparable aluminium window from an alternative supplier.

But that’s just the start of the Stellar window range.


The standard Flush Casement Window is a classic aluminium window in looks. It has an immaculate, streamlined flush shape externally and the opening pane is aligned perfectly with the window’s frame. Inside, there’s the neat stepped appearance you associate with aluminium windows.

The slim sightlines of Stellar are ideal for Bay Windows. Where multiple panes are used as facets around a curve, every coupling that connects the frames together interrupts the view. But because Stellar has the slimmest sections on the market, this problem is minimised.

One of the most exciting things about aluminium windows is the colour options. Stellar is no exception. There are three standard colours and six non-standard colours. But if you want a bespoke colour, that’s an option too, which opens up a world of possibilities.


All the practicalities are covered

The energy efficiency on Stellar windows is top notch – they can achieve a Window Energy Rating of A+. It means your home can be warm and beautiful.

Security is reassuringly high too. Stellar windows are designed to meet Secured by Design standards and are fitted with Yale hardware, which come with a lifetime security guarantee. They’re also PAS24 accredited too.


If you choose aluminium windows, choose aluminium windows for the 21st century

There’s no doubt aluminium windows are the modern, design-led choice. They’ll add the wow factor to your home. But if you want to dial up that wow factor, make sure you choose Stellar.

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