Top tips to clean your aluminium windows

3 February 2020

Over time windows naturally get dirty from dust in the air, birds flying by and bugs taking refuge. Keeping them clean is essential to ensure they continue working as they should, but how should you clean aluminium windows without damaging them? Get your marigolds on and take a look at our top tips!

Practically maintenance free

If your frames are powder-coated, as they will be if purchased from Stellar, they are specifically designed to need little upkeep. The quality of the powder coating is exactly what protects the frame from scratches, abrasions and permanent marks.

How often they should be cleaned?

How often you clean your windows is dependent on your personal preferences. As a general guide, cleaning the glass every month and cleaning the frames every two months will keep them free from dirt and looking their best.

Reducing streaks

Streaky windows are often an issue after cleaning and there are lots of different theories as to the best way to reduce streaks. If you find streaks a consistent problem you could try some of the following techniques or solutions to help:

Clean your windows on a cloudy day

The sun can prematurely dry the windows, leaving marks.

Use a squeegee

Professional window cleaners generally use two types of squeegees – a soft sponge squeegee for an initial clean followed by a more precise, rubber squeegee to get rid of streaks. 


Cleaning the frames from the inside

1. Wipe the frames with a non-abrasive cloth or sponge soaked in warm water and a mild household detergent suitable for metal surfaces. Don’t use any heavy-duty household cleaners as these may compromise the finish of your window and cause damage.

2. For stubborn stains, try using an ink rubber. If the stain doesn’t start to shift easily, don’t keep scrubbing away as you may cause damage.

3. Dry the frames with a soft cloth.


Cleaning the frames from the outside

1. Use a hose to spray down the frames with water to remove any winter dirt.

2. Scrub the frames with a mild detergent solution (the same you have used on the inside of the frames) to remove the rest of the dirt.

3. Wipe down the frames with a damp cloth to make sure dirty water doesn’t drip down to the bottom of the frames and dry there.


Here at Stellar Aluminium, our slim sightlines are 12% more glass than your average so you’ll want to keep them clean so that you can enjoy the outside and natural light.

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