The advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

16 September 2019

Are you considering aluminium doors and windows for your home? You aren’t alone. Aluminium doors and windows were out of fashion for a while but they’re becoming the first choice for discerning homeowners these days.


Here are four reasons why:


Aluminium doors and windows offer superb good looks


The first thing people notice about aluminium windows is their elegant, understated good looks. Aluminium windows and doors have exceptionally slim frames that don’t clutter the view. They’ve always been a favourite with architects. Now more and more homeowners are seeing what a difference aluminium windows and doors make to their homes.

These elegant good looks are taken to the next level in Stellar, the brand new aluminium window and door system from Epwin Window Systems.

Its unique Fully Flush Casement Window offers flush lines inside and out for the ultimate in simple, streamlined aesthetics. The range’s Flush Casement Window has sightlines that are 30% slimmer than its main competitors, meaning you’ll enjoy a glass area that’s about 12% larger, ensuring even more light floods into your home.

Then there’s the colour to consider. Aluminium windows and doors are available in a wealth of different colours as standard. You can choose the perfect shade for your home.


Aluminium doors and windows are durable and low maintenance


Aluminium doors and windows are exceptionally hard-wearing and durable. This is reflected in the guarantees on offer. For example, all Stellar windows and doors have a 10 year optical and mechanical performance guarantee. The painted finish is also covered by a 25-year guarantee.

They’re easy to look after too. Unlike timber windows they’ll never need filling or repainting. Plus their streamlined shape means they’re easy to keep clean.


Aluminium doors and windows offer excellent thermal efficiency


Aluminium windows and doors use the latest technology to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. This is especially true in the case of Stellar.

Insulation is a fundamental part of the design, not an afterthought. It means Stellar windows and doors meet Building Regulations without the complexity of additional foams or expensive aerogels that rival systems use.

In fact, Stellar products can achieve U-values as low as 1.1W/m2K or a Window Energy Rating of A+.

But the environmental credentials don’t stop there. Aluminium is almost endlessly recyclable. It’s also useful to know that Stellar uses fewer materials and resources than rival systems in the first place.


Aluminium doors and windows offer superb security


Keeping your home and loved ones safe is always a priority. Stellar windows and doors have had security designed in from the very start.

For example, they use hardware and locking systems from Yale, one of the most trusted names in security, and are covered by Yale’s Lifetime Security Guarantee. They meet all the security requirements of Building Regulations as standard with upgrade options available for an additional level of reassurance.


Choose the state-of-the-art in aluminium windows and doors – choose Stellar


Stellar is the newest aluminium window and door system on the market. It was designed and developed and is manufactured in the UK.

It’s extraordinary because its designers were given a clear brief: to produce the best aluminium system for the UK’s homeowners. Its sightlines are significantly slimmer than other aluminium glazing systems, creating homes that are brighter, lighter and more beautiful. The window range includes a Flush Casement Window, a unique Fully Flush Casement Window and a Bay Window. When it comes to doors there’s a Flush Door, a Lift & Slide Door and a Bifold Door.


Take time to explore the range and get in touch to find out more. Because if you’re considering aluminium doors and windows for your home, you need to make sure you’re considering the best.

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