Growing your aluminium installation business with Stellar

27 January 2020

Stellar is easy to live with, but it’s also easy to work with. Because we’ve paid attention to how it’s glazed and installed, new windows and doors can be fitted with only minimal disruption.

So, as you can imagine there are many benefits to manufacturing and installing with Stellar.

Here are just a few…

Pre-gasketed and quicker to fabricate

Our windows are all pre-gasketed, saving you up to 20% on fabrication time and on waste.

Knock-in beads

Knock-in beads make the process of glazing a window very speedy and have the advantage of leaving a neat, clean gasket line on the inside – all part of Stellar’s remarkable aesthetics.

Slimmest Sightlines

We can’t avoid feeling proud of the engineering and precise shapes of our aluminium sections, but we know that with windows, frames are rarely the thing the homeowner wants to keep looking at. So, we have developed Slimmest Sightlines.

Despite its slender proportions, Stellar is strong, designed to protect against the elements. It’s durable, ready to withstand the knocks and bumps of daily traffic with good looks that last.


We have an interdisciplinary team here at Stellar Aluminium that can assist from a technical, customer service, after-sales and marketing point of view. They will be on hand to talk through you specific requirements and ensure you have a product which fits your needs.

Market trends

Aluminium offers a number of manufacturing benefits. Its ductility paired with low melting point and density allows us to create the slimmest sightlines in window systems. As a result, our systems consume less material and generate less waste.

In contrast to steel, which rapidly becomes brittle at low temperatures, aluminum shows increased tensile strength as temperatures drop. Aluminum is also a very light metal with a specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3, about a third of that of steel.

Aluminum naturally generates a protective thin oxide coating which keeps the metal from making further contact with the environment (great for windows). It is also an excellent heat conductor, in relation to its weight is almost twice as good a conductor as copper.

Stellar is the innovative, new aluminium system that sets new standards. It revolutionises aluminium windows with its unique reverse butt joint. It’s faster to fabricate, saves materials, and reduces stockholding. It’s adaptable, attractive, simple to install, and maintenance requirements are minimal.

Sound too good to be true?

Well… it isn’t! So, get in touch with our team today to grow you aluminium installation business.

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