Does Aluminium Work in Period Properties?

4 December 2019

The simple answer is yes. In fact, smart homeowners are becoming more and more aware that aluminium windows and doors are often perfect for period properties.


Aluminium windows are the modern day equivalent of steel and iron windows in period homes

It’s easy to think that timber is the only option for period windows but that’s far from the case.

For quite a lot of history, steel or iron windows were the go-to option. Think of the delicate windows from medieval times and beyond. More recently, think about elegant 1930s windows. Aluminium is the modern-day equivalent of iron and steel and it brings with it a multitude of benefits including low maintenance and thermal efficiency.


Do your research when it comes to aluminium doors and windows in period properties

Of course, at this point, it’s worth saying that there are strict rules around windows in listed buildings and buildings in conservation areas. If you’re in any doubt about replacing the windows or doors in your period home, check with your local building conservation officer. It’s better to be safe than sorry. It’s also worth saying that when it comes to the benefits of aluminium windows and doors in period homes, when you choose Stellar, those benefits are even more appealing.


Let’s take a closer look at three reasons to choose Stellar aluminium doors and windows for your period home.

  • Stellar has beautifully slim frames. Aluminium windows and doors are renowned for having slim frames. Stellar’s frames are at least 30% slimmer than the main competing systems. What this means in practice is that the glass area is about 12% larger. This makes a huge difference, especially if your period home has small cottage-style windows, because you’ll have more natural light coming into your home.
  • Stellar’s fully flush option puts all the attention on the beauty of your home. Stellar is the only aluminium window and door system on the market to have a Fully Flush Casement Window option. What this means is that there’s no stepped frame. Windows and doors have flush lines inside and out. There’s nothing to clutter your eyeline or detract from the beauty of your building.
  • Stellar’s colour range enhances your home’s period aesthetic. The great thing about aluminium is the versatility of the colour options. The same is true of Stellar – and more. With Stellar you can choose a colour that’s in keeping with the period aesthetic of your home. You can also choose from a range of gloss levels too, so you can have the perfect level of sheen. Whichever shade you choose, Stellar colour uses a polyester powder coat that has been certified to the Qualicoat coastal standard, which surpasses European requirements and delivers powerful durability.


Take a look at aluminium – and take a look at Stellar

If you’re considering replacing the windows and doors in your period home, it may well be that aluminium is the answer you’ve been looking for. If it is, make sure you include Stellar in your shortlist. It sets a new standard for aluminium doors and windows and it’s the perfect choice for period properties.


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