Aluminium window fabricators save time and money

24 May 2019

Time really is money in all areas of manufacturing, which is why our Stellar Aluminium Systems have been designed to make your production processes even more efficient. We’ve calculated that with Stellar, manufacturers can save up to 20% on fabrication time during the creation of aluminium windows, which is a significant saving compared to more traditional systems on the market. If you were to multiply this saving per window by the number of windows produced each week, these savings would really add up. Below we’re going to take a closer look at how being a Stellar aluminium window fabricator can save you both time and money.

First, let’s consider why the popularity of aluminium is on the rise…

Figures released by Palmer Market Research in 2017 suggest that aluminium is on course to reach a 17-year high by 2020. It has really seen a resurgence in both the commercial and residential markets, with more people than ever before opting for bi-folding doors and the windows to match. Aluminium used to be the first product of choice in the 1970s and 80s, but it’s only recently that aluminium systems have been created with thermal efficiency at the forefront.

Thanks to a total redesign, high-performance aluminium windows are now able to exceed energy efficiency standards. It’s also believed that the corrosion-resistant qualities of aluminium allow it to withstand extreme environmental conditions. The frames are low maintenance and will not crack, split, swell or warp over time, ensuring their long lifespan. Aluminium windows also provide clean lines and offer a wider colour selection, so it’s no surprise that manufacturers are looking for systems that can help them save time and money during production.

How does the Stellar Aluminium System save time?

The Stellar system uses pre-inserted gaskets, which are seals that cushion the glazing and provide weather protection. Because they are already assembled, you don’t need to put these together yourself, reducing workload significantly. On top of this, pre-inserted gaskets reduce material input and stockholding and prevent excess waste, saving you money on materials and keeping the shop floor clear.

The Stellar system also comes with fast-fit knock in beads, reducing your workload even further.

How does the Stellar Aluminium system save money?

Aluminium can be found in large quantities, but it’s expensive because a lot of electricity is required to produce it. However, Stellar uses approximately 30% less aluminium than similar systems on the market, reducing labour costs as well as being more sustainable. You’ll also find that, because our systems can help you produce and manufacture windows 20% faster than before, you’ll save money on power and labour costs and you’ll also be able to increase your output.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that fewer parts are required, so you’ll save money here as well. For example, the casements accommodate fast-fit espagnolettes, so no shootbolts are needed.

What else do you need to know?

The Stellar casement window is the only system in the market to feature a reverse butt joint, enabling the window to be fully internally glazed as standard, with no requirement for reverse adaptors or dummy sash profiles. It is a simple and easy system to work with, so manufacturers can increase their throughput and efficiency.

An internally glazed window made using our Stellar system can have 30% slimmer sightlines, when compared to our nearest competitor, due to the unique reverse butt joint, giving 12% more glass area for a standard sized window with a configuration of a side-hung vent placed next to a fixed light.

Contact Stellar Aluminium Systems today…

If you want to take advantage of these incredible time and money savings, get in touch with the team at Stellar today. We’d be happy to talk you through the fabrication process and discuss how it will benefit your business in more detail. Alternatively, you can download the Stellar Trade Brochure for further insight into how the system works.

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