A Beginner’s Guide to the Reverse Butt Joint

30 September 2019

Have you ever stopped to think about the compromises and workarounds you make on your window systems?


In most cases, they’re considered to be standard practice – so much so that the chances are you don’t even stop to think about how they affect the quality of the overall result.

Let’s look at an example. Think about the classic window configuration of a window with a fixed pane and an opening frame. In PVC-U systems you’ll typically achieve the configuration by reversing the fixed pane. This is simple enough because you simply weld the fixed pane in place.

But you can’t do the same thing in aluminium systems because the joints are created in a different way. It means you have to introduce one of a number of workarounds. You can use dummy sashes. You can use couplers. Or you can use reverse rebates adapters.

All options have the advantage of meaning you can internally glaze the frames. But when you think about it, you realise that all these options are classic cases of compromise and they’re all problematic for one reason or another. They reduce light levels, which is difficult when home interior trends are for as much natural light as possible.

They also have a tell-tale stepped appearance internally. It’s an appearance that isn’t quite authentic if you’re working on a heritage project because they aren’t flush as timber casements would be. It isn’t really ideal for modern properties either because the slightly cluttered lines aren’t in keeping with today’s trends.

It isn’t just the aesthetics that are compromised. They require extra work, extra materials and create extra complications in the fabrication and installation processes. We just put up with it because they’re the only way to have fixed pane and opening pane configurations.


Until now…


Solving the fixed pane and opening pane compromise

When we came to develop Stellar, our brand new aluminium window and door system, we wanted to create a system without compromise. And the fixed pane / opening pane problem was one of the first we wanted to solve.

We’ve solved it in the patent-pending reverse butt joint. With the reverse butt joint, fixed and opening panes butt together, simply, quickly and easily. It does away with all the classic compromises and workarounds and solves all the problems in the process.


Better light levels

The Stellar Fully Flush Casement Window has 30% slimmer sightlines than its main competitors. When you compare two windows with similar sizes and layouts, it means Stellar has a glass area that’s about 12% bigger. Suddenly, interiors are lighter and brighter, perfectly in tune with today’s trends.


Better aesthetics

Stellar is the only aluminium system on the market to offer a fully flush casement window – a window that is fully flush inside and out. Stellar windows look more authentic in heritage properties and enhance the sleek appearance of modern properties.


Quicker and easier aluminium window and door fabrication

The reverse butt joint means Stellar uses approximately 30% less aluminium and generates less waste than rival systems. The simpler construction also means Stellar is 15-20% quicker to fabricate, reducing labour costs.


Quicker and easier aluminium window and door installation

Installation is easier too. Stellar is internally glazed, as you’d expect, but there are no compromises needed to achieve this. The flush, flat rebates mean fitting glazing packers is simple. The flush finish also means positioning frames is easy because you can spot whether they’re aligned or not at a glance.


Innovative and revolutionary – the end of the compromise

Stellar is the only aluminium system on the market to have the option of a reverse butt joint. It’s a simple innovation and it’s delivered truly revolutionary results. With Stellar, there’s no need to compromise.


Find out more about our reverse butt joint by Stellar Aluminium Systems, HERE.

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